A thank you message is overdue!

A big thank you to our many loyal patients and my wonderful co-workers at Belle Haven Chiropractic!

It warms my heart to know that our patients are in such experienced and capable hands. As we all too often see, there are many folks out there who sadly fail to appreciate the kindness and goodness in others. I am blessed to have not just one, but two employees that worked with us formerly and came back to us later in their careers out of love and loyalty for our clinic and what we strive to do!

There are many that speak of karma as a warning for making bad or selfish choices. But what we see in our office is that good karma is stronger than bad, and when you have relationships where both parties treat each other well and with respect, it is a life you can be proud of living and it will come back to you tenfold.

Thank you, thank you Dr. Toplansky and Sandy! Our patients feel the love and genuine concern you have for their health and their healing. You are the best and we are all better people for knowing you!

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