I came here through zocdoc in sheer desperation because my back was in so, so, so much pain. I was recieved by the sweetest person (s/o to Sandy!) and also seen immediately by Dr. Briggs. Both Sandy and Dr. Briggs have been extremely accomodating and super patient with me (especially on my first visit, when I almost cried because my back hurt so bad.) I came back immediately and, honestly, will be coming back as much as I can. Dr. Briggs is very sweet; she explained how the spine should be aligned and was extremely, extremely awesome at getting my back adjusted back to normal.”

“I’ve worked in the medical field (not as a professional, unfortunately), but I’m so, so pleased to say that the people who work here, from front desk to doctor/professional, all care about you and your health. They go above and beyond what I expected (especially since my first time was short notice) and honestly? I don’t leave reviews. I like this place enough to give them a review. I’d give y’all 10/5 stars, because I saw y’all are lgbtq+ friendly on your website/google/facebook/whatever, and because, literally, regardless, everyone has been extra sweet and caring. 10/10 for their bathroom. Extremely clean, well taken care of, very pretty. 20/10 for their service. 5/5 stars on google just really does not do this place justice lol. Thank you guys sosososososo much for being the best of the best.”
Clare Kwon

A really healing place! Three months ago I started going to Belle Haven Family Chiropractic for lower back care. I arrived in a lot of pain and quite a bit of anxiety (would I get better? Would the insurance cover the treatment I needed?). From the first visit I felt cared for and confident that they would help me heal. And they took care of the insurance question right away. Their staff is very professional and persistent in helping patients feel better. The doctors welcomed my feedback in how treatments were proceeding. Healing can be a long process, with lots of ups and downs, but they were really encouraging when things were going well and very compassionate on tough days. Great to have them in my corner!”
Margaret Patterson

I came in with my husband two months ago. He needed an adjustment and some significant work done, and I thought that considering my at that time seven-day per week work schedule, an adjustment couldn’t hurt me either. It turns out I was in worse shape than he was, with significant issues due to previous surgeries. Over the last 8 weeks, I have experienced the greatest level of care possible here. From the moment you walk in the door to an always smiling face to the moment you leave, you are treated with dignity and respect. The level of care provided is excellent, and I know that I am on my way to recovery because of the work of the two wonderful practitioners here.”
Margaret Plantagenet


I first went to Family Chiropractic when my back went out in the spring of 2010, then again in 2011. Thanks to Catherine Leavitt Camp advice and therapy I had no surgery and the pain was gradually relieved. I have been carefully following advice since then and now I have been seeing Catherine Toplansky for my adjustment once a month and there has been no more back pain in my back.”
Tony. B


Dr. Catherine (Leavitt) Camp is fabulous. She is amazing at diagnosing the real issue and treats the problem – not the symptoms. After seeing another doctor for two years, for severe back pain, Dr. (Leavitt) Camp had me moving freely and without pain. What I liked best was that the goal was to see her less and less. Her skills go beyond the basic adjustment and she fixed one of my daughter’s ankle (after seeing many orthopedists/P.T.’s) Our whole family has seen her and I highly recommend her services.”
C. Aycock


I’ve been going to see Catherine for YEARS! Not because she can’t fix my problem rather, when I have a problem, she promptly fixes it so I can continue on with my life. She is not the “you need to see me 3 times a week for 6 months” type. She is professional, practical, she correctly diagnoses the issue and gets right to it. No nonsense.

My whole family goes to her now and she is the only Chiropractor we see.”
M. Ricciardelli

I saw Dr. Catherine Leavitt Camp in 2012 after suffering for years with pain in my low back and knee. I had been to many other doctors before and no one could help me. Everyone wanted to give me drugs, and two orthopedists wanted to operate. I couldn’t run or play any sports and I was miserable. Dr. Camp was the first doctor to connect the two problems and discover it was due to poor alignment. After only two weeks of treatment my pain was almost gone! I couldn’t believe I had suffered for so long. I stuck with her and we had to put a lot of work into it, but now I am pain free. She is the best!”
A. Simmons

I’ve had problems with my feet and ankles for five years. It started when I spent a summer in London, and I walked everywhere, far more than usual as I normally drive. My Achilles’ tendons were inflamed all the time, and the soft tissue in the bottom of my feet was always in pain. When I got back to the US, I went to several podiatrists and physical therapists. It had gotten so bad that I needed a handicap parking pass, because I couldn’t walk very far without pain. I was given orthotics that hurt my feet more than they helped them, and the physical therapy seemed to be doing nothing. The podiatrists I went to all wanted to perform surgery on my feet in order to release some of the tension in my plantar fascia, but I was told that the results could actually harm me more than help, so I refused. They’re my feet, after all. I’m going to need them for the rest of my life.”

“I was so frustrated and in pain when I finally went to see Dr. Leavitt. She helped realign my hips, knees, and ankles, which had carried the brunt of my weak feet for years. She also used a plastic tool for my plantar fasciatis, which he would rub into the soft tissue on the bottom of my feet. After a few regular sessions, the scar tissue in my feet started to break up, and I had better mobility than ever. My ankles were in less pain, as were my upper legs. Dr. Leavitt also gave me a custom made orthotic, which was much more helpful than the hard, inflexible things that the podiatrists gave me. She customizedthem to each foot; one needed more arch support than the other. Worn with sneakers or boots, the orthotics actually did what they were supposed to do,”

“which was correct my posture and give my weak feet and ankles the support they need. Really, the problem this whole time turned out to just be that my feet pronate inward, and my arches need support. That’s what caused all of those problems that summer, and what continued to make everything worse for the next few years. I was shocked that not one person had thought of that as being the potential cause, and more importantly, the potential solution.”

“All of that time wasted on podiatrists and physical therapy and being diagnosed with things and offered surgery is incrediblyannoying when I think about it, but at least all of that finally led me to Dr. Leavitt.

If you’ve experienced symptoms close to mine, the solution may be simpler than you think.”
C. Grieve

After experiencing upper back pain for almost a year and my doctor and physical therapist not really knowing what the problem was, I went to see Dr. Camp. She listened to my symptoms and helped me get back on the right path of being pain free. It was the best decision I made. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend her for your entire family!”
D. Meacham


“In my 8th month during my first pregnancy my OB/GYN said that I would not be able to have a vaginal delivery because my pelvis did not have the room to deliver a baby. At the time, the baby was positioned wrong in the canal and she didn’t think he would be able to turn either.

I visited Dr. Catherine Leavitt and after she examined me she determined that my pelvis was out of alignment and recommended that I have a daily adjustment until my delivery. The baby turned shortly after my first few adjustments and I was able to deliver vaginally 3 weeks later. The whole labor and delivery went smoothly and quickly. Less than 15 minutes of pushing after 3 hours of labor!””
B. Robinson, Alexandria, VA


“I came to Dr. Leavitt after suffering from sciatica as a result of a fall. I had been treated prior to that visit, largely with drug therapy, by my regular physician, a pain specialist and an orthopedist for more than six months, with no real progress. It took only 2 months and I was drug free and pain free. After that we tackled the continuing arthritis in my knees. After several setbacks, we established a regular maintenance routine, which leaves me with the pain free mobility that I need.””
—J. Byers, Alexandria, VA


“Family Chiropractic has significantly changed the quality of our daughter’s life. As a 5’9″ active 13 year old, she suffered from various problems with her back and legs from growing so quickly. The treatment she receives at the Leavitt’s not only provides her relief, but aligns her body such that her development is a much easier process. A surprise benefit of her treatment is all the relief their work provides to her sinuses during allergy season. But best of all is the attitude of the doctors-every time we go there we are treated with a caring and respect that makes us feel as though we are their favorite patients. I highly recommend their practice!””
—Younts, Alexandria, VA


“One of my other doctors referred me to Family Chiropractic. At the time, I was stiff and in so much pain I was barely able to walk my dogs. I was running out of hope-would I ever lead a normal active pain free life again? Since that time, with the close personal care that this practice offers, my condition has greatly improved. Dr. Leavitt has made a world of difference in the way my lower back and legs feel. I would recommend Family Chiropractic to anyone who is suffering from pain. Pills will sugar coat your pain and give you temporary relief, but chiropractic medicine will start the natural healing process and get you back to normal again.””
—G. Jennier, Alexandria, VA


“I had been receiving chiropractic treatment for a few months when I approached Dr. Leavitt about my son who suffers from autism. I was a bit apprehensive about bringing him into the chiropractic office due to his extreme anxiety surrounding doctors appointments. Dr. Leavitt has such a calming personality that my son actually agreed to having an adjustment, which took just a few minutes. Dr. Leavitt immediately treated his one shoulder that kept pulling up. And we saw results right after Dr. Leavitt’s adjustment and his shoulder has remained down.”

“We have also seen increases in my son’s language after starting chiropractic treatment. After several frustrating years of speech and occupational therapy it is wonderful to now see such an immediate improvement in our son. I would highly recommend Dr. Leavitt to provide services to children with developmental delays. My son greatly looks forward to seeing Dr. Leavitt for his chiropractic care.””
—E. Brown, Alexandria, VA


“Dr. Leavitt has an amazing way of really listening to her patients and tuning into their physical symptoms. Before I visited Dr. Leavitt, I had seen two orthopedists, two podiatrists, and two physical therapists for plantar fasciitis, which I had been suffering with for two years. The first time I went to see Dr. Leavitt, she both carefully examined me and listened to me. She suggested a tripartite method of treatment–electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and stripping–and said she wished I had come to see her two years ago when I first hurt my feet, as my suffering would be a distant memory by now. She was right. After five and a half months of treatment with Dr. Leavitt, I can now walk comfortably without any foot pain. This is not a luxury I had experienced over the past two years. I would highly recommend Dr. Leavitt to any patients experiencing plantar fasciitis, or any other physical ailment for that matter. She really listens and responds effectively.””
-L. Childress, Alexandria, VA and Los Angeles, CA