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Our Experienced Alexandria Chiropractor Helps You Get Better and Stay Better

At Belle Haven Family Chiropractic we combine chiropractic care with physical therapeutic modalities to treat patients of all ages and walks of life.

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Meet Our Caring Chiropractors

Alexandria chiropractors Dr. Catherine Leavitt and Dr. Dave Borthakur are competent, professional and caring. Whether a patient has a history of chiropractic care or their current treatment is failing, we go the extra mile to explain how chiropractic works to repair and restore the integrity of the spine and nervous system, allowing the body’s own healing mechanisms to take over the way they should. We consider ourselves body engineers who restore your body’s mechanics to correct the cause of your symptoms, rather than simply mask them.

Chiropractor with older patient

Whether you are a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, or trying to stay healthy and active in your daily life, we create individual treatment programs to achieve successful recovery. By incorporating soft tissue treatment with our hands on chiropractic care we not only correct alignment but help muscles, tendons, and ligaments return to normal function.
Meet The Doctors