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Sports Chiropractic in Alexandria

Whether you’re an avid CrossFitter, HIIT enthusiast, diehard runner, or weekend golfer, participating in sports causes considerable wear and tear on your body, as repetitive motions are used when you engage in your sport of choice. Every athlete wants to be the best in their field, so they have to practice constantly, and that takes a toll on their body.

“From a chiropractic standpoint, the spine is the pillar of the body,” said Dr. Borthakur. Because there’s tremendous pressure and tension built up in the spine, it’s important to release those areas of tension to get an optimal result and accelerate healing.


What to Expect

First, we have a detailed, goal-oriented discussion to determine what you’re looking for. We want to understand what sports you participate in, and find out what your goals are. For example, do you want to enhance your performance or improve your body’s healing capability?

Next, we’ll do a detailed physical head-to-toe exam that includes various types of testing, including the following:

  • Spatial
  • Muscle
  • Strength
  • Balance

We’ll also check the metabolic side, and ask you if you’ve had any other issues, not just pain-related ones. For example, we’ll want to know if you have high blood pressure or other body metabolism related issues. If we think lab work is necessary, we’ll refer you out for that, and if you have an unresolved chronic injury, we’ll have you get some imaging, such as MRI, X-ray or CT.

Dr. Borthakur and his team will have a meeting and decide on a treatment plan customized to address your unique needs and goals. The details of the plan, including therapies used and intended outcomes, will be discussed with you.

When Can I Get Back to My Sport or the Gym?

We have to respect your body based on your injuries and issues. After a total exam, we will let you know, for example, if you need to take a week or two off to rest. That’s important, because you have to give your body some time to heal. Because if you keep doing the same repetitive movements, you will irritate that same area repeatedly, which won’t help with the healing process.

Can You Address an Old Injury?

Yes! Some patients have had injuries that weren’t checked by medical professionals, or they sought care and the treatment plan they followed did not adequately address all contributing factors which can prevent full recovery; such injuries can cause serious issues later in life when their body isn’t as quick to heal. If you come in with an older sports injury, we’ll do a thorough exam and use different modalities to help you get better.

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A Patient Success Story

One patient, an avid hiker, didn’t have a particular fall or injury, but had serious pain in her Achilles tendon. She had been to many orthopedists and a podiatrist (who referred the patient to Dr. Borthakur). While some surgeons recommended surgery, she didn’t want to go that route. When she came to see Dr. Borthakur, the woman couldn’t bear weight on her heel and had to walk on her toes. During the exam, he also noticed her gait or walking pattern was off, so he corrected it, which ultimately led to less pressure on the ankle joint. That correction also helped the healing process. Dr. Borthakur used extremity adjustments, numerous PT modalities, and lots of exercise. It took 3-4 months for the patient to get better, but now every time she goes for a hike, she sends Dr. Borthakur pictures and is thankful for how he helped her.

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Whether you want to boost your performance, get out of pain, or heal quickly so you can return to your favorite sport, we want to help. Call today to book a convenient appointment!

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